Somewhere Else don't play around when it comes to music videos.

In November, they dropped a wild clip for "Uh Huh," which was full of horseback riding, scorpions, and elaborate choreographed dances. Before that, the duo introduced themselves with a trippy, shape-shifting video for their debut song "Move Together" with Majid Jordan. Honestly, I can't even explain that one with words. You just need to watch it.

Now, Somewhere Else—the collaborative project of Grammy-winner producer Illangelo and fashion entrepreneur/songwriter Billy Walsh—have returned with their third video. This time around, they concentrate on simplicity and make an equally strong impression with the "All the Way" visual.

"We've had two ambitious video concepts that we loved for our previous videos," Walsh tells Complex via email. "For this visual we just wanted to focus on the simplicity and beauty of bodies and movement."

Placing near-silhouetted dancers in front of a white backdrop, the four-minute clip has an eerie energy to it that only deepens when everything inverts on itself midway through. I was as big a fan of the horses and scorpions as anyone else, but this might be their most powerful, visceral video yet. You can watch it above and hear "All the Way" on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify.