The famed jailhouse letter that 2Pac wrote to Madonna giving a post-mortem of their breakup had previously been put up for auction back in July of last year. Now, a judge has ruled that it will remain available for purchase, despite Madonna's objections.

TMZ reports the letter in question had been obtained by Madonna's friend and art consultant, Darlene Lutz, after the pop icon signed a release in 2004, and because of this, she won't be able to sue Lutz over the sale of the letter. Lutz came into possession of some of Madonna's items over the course of their two-decade long relationship, but because of the release, it looks like Madonna is out of luck for getting back this personal pop culture artifact.

The letter, which can be read in part here, contained musings from the late rap legend about the circumstances of the once power couple's breakup. 2Pac explained that he felt pressure from his fans to support the image of himself he had created, and that, coupled with his hurt from certain comments Madonna had made, contributed to their split. He kept things perfectly cordial and refreshingly forthcoming, even asking if his ex boo would be willing to visit him to speak face-to-face about what had happened.

Madonna claims not to have known that Lutz had been in possession of the letter, but the judge has ruled in Lutz's favor. The auction will begin in July.