Kanye West's recent support of conservative commentator Candace Owens and reported love for Donald Trump have garnered him some odd comrades.

Dilbert creator and noted Donald Trump admirer Scott Adams is a longtime Kanye West backer. In 2015, Adams said Yeezy was almost certainly going to win the 2032 presidential election. Yes, really

So it was no surprise when on Sunday morning, Adams uploaded a confusing 22-minute monologue about Trump, North Korea, and why we're in a new "Golden Age."

But two-thirds of the way through the monologue, another name came up—Kanye West. Adams said that Kanye's support for Owens "ripped a hole in reality." 

Adams said he didn't know West's politics, but said the rap icon "knows history doesn't repeat. He's not a prisoner of the mind... Kanye, in seven words, unlocked a mental prison and is bringing you to the Golden Age."

Kanye apparently appreciated the compliment, quote-tweeting different sections of Adams' video nine times in a row.

Adams has a habit of representing anything Donald Trump does—even the most obvious gaffes or lies—as a brilliant move of "three-dimensional chess." Seems like he's now extending this pattern to West as well.

Here's where Kanye went with the praise: