Between the emotional rollercoaster ride that is Kanye's Twitter, Bill Cosby finally getting locked up, the Leafs losing, the Raptors winning and North and South Korea reaching a historic agreement, many of us would agree that it's been a pretty crazy week. It's easy to get caught up in the insanity of the world in which we live, and that's why this new track from Montreal-based artists Alistair Blu and Nate Husser comes at the perfect time.

"Insane" sees the two emcees tackling our world's current state of affairs and encourages listeners to not get bogged down, despite things seeming out of whack at times: "I know it's been this way so long / It's hard to tell between what's right and wrong / I don't know where I belong but I'm strong / It takes a mean world to steal the lovebird's song." The track features an unorthodox song structure and multiple tempo changes, adding to the sonic ambiance and driving home the "insane" vibe.

Alistair Blu—best known for his role in the collective Busty and the Bass—hails originally from Victoria, BC but now calls Montreal home, as does Nate Husser. Husser will be in Toronto for Canadian Music Week and is due to play on May 9 at the Drake Underground alongside Kae Sun, Raayon and others. For the full event details, visit Facebook.