Toronto's Prime Boys—Jimmy Prime, Jay Whiss, and Donnie—have been making some big moves lately. They've been working with producer Murda Beatz, getting featured on OVO Sound Radio, and more. But they're determined to set the bar higher with their new video.

"Tinted" has the crew stunting in a whole new way: by riding ATVs on a frozen tundra. The video, directed by Elliot Clancy Osberg, wasn't exactly easy to make.

"Shooting this video took a lot out of us," the group told Complex. "To get to the location took 3-4 hours, the weather was -20, and the second day on our drive up there our drivers car broke down 40 mins out smh. Once we got there and seen the the set up and everything it got us back to the excitement of shooting and making this video happen. We didn't want to be too literal with the video, and when it comes to Prime and the brand, we always want to do something no one has done or can do; we seen explosions in videos but guaranteed no one has seen anybody ride ATVs in the tundra on a frozen was all worth it in the end."

Prime Boys Video 1
Image via Publicist

All the hard work was worth it, as Osberg and the crew put together a memorable clip.

You can watch the "Tinted" video above, and listen to the track on the streaming service of your choice by clicking here