Safaree is ready to shoot his shot at his ex, Nicki Minaj, or is it Nikki Mudarris?

"Someone tell Nicki (Nikki) that I miss her," rapped Safaree on stage to a crowd. The message may never get received since Safaree wasn't clear on the details. Since Safaree dated both Nicki Minaj and Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood's Nikki Mudarris, fans are speculating which Nicki/Nikki he's relaying the message to. (A last name would have helped.)

All signs seem to be pointing to Minaj though since Safaree has been thirsting after her since their breakup a few years ago. Last year, when Minaj dropped NSFW photos for Paper Magazine's Break The Internet edition, Safaree was all up in the comments section of the steamy photos. 

"Can we please figure something out… these are the kind of pictures I always wanted you to take for me.. Wow," read his comment. Unfortunately for him, Minaj was too busy blowing kissy face emojis at Nas.


Although they never confirmed their relationship, rumors spread that Nicki Minaj and Nas broke up earlier this year. But now that Minaj is reportedly single again, it seems that Safaree is trying to win her back. Too bad for him though since he'll have a bit of competition as Stevie J may be vying for Minaj's attention as well.


A post shared by Stevie J. (@hitmansteviej_1) on Jan 4, 2018 at 3:11pm PST

The reality star posted a photo of Minaj on his Instagram with no caption after reports of her split from Nas surfaced on the internet. There was also a pastor who was allegedly trying to do ungodly things to the hip-hop queen. And we can't forget that time John Mayer tried to shoot his shot on Twitter.

But Safaree has at least one person in his corner. Maury, or the person who runs his show's Twitter account, told the two that if they ever want to work things out, they can feel free to call "Uncle Maury."