PnB Rock is about to hit the road for his North American tour come February, but he may be stuck for finding hotels that will let him stay after this latest incident. The rapper behind the impressive debut Catch These Feels was reportedly kicked out of his hotel for smoking weed, but not before he could exact his calculated revenge on the staff by urinating all over the room.

In clips he shared on Snapchat, which have now made their diligent rounds all across the internet thanks to a repost from The Shade Room, PnB filmed himself peeing on the carpeted floors and corners of his room, laughing and commenting, "Here's what you do when they kicking you out the hotel for smoking weed." Apparently spreading just one type of bodily fluid around the room wasn't enough, though, because the rapper then filmed himself spitting onto the bathroom mirror—his buddy joined in on this part, too.

PnB might've thought the joke was on the hotel at that point, but there's a pretty good chance they'll be seeking a substantial amount of reimbursement for cleaning fees or damage charges, and it's possible he could even be hit with a lawsuit. So, as a rule of thumb, when a hotel kicks you out for violating a policy, maybe don't pee all over your room.

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