Imagine the insect-like existence of a scummy paparazzo

Not only do you make a living by literally stalking people who are more successful than you could ever dream of being, but you're also rightfully despised by the subjects of your photography exploitation. In short, fuck the paparazzi. 

So let's send a hearty Fuck Yeah over to Sia for awesomely telling the paparazzi to shove it and getting ahead of a nude photo leak by simply leaking the photo herself. "Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans," Sia wrote on Instagram and Twitter Monday night. "Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!"

According to the Guardian, a bullshit photo agency was trying to make money from 15 images of Sia, including "at least" one nude. Fans immediately applauded Sia's move, joining together in a chorus of digital middle fingers aimed directly at these wannabe photographers (i.e. failures).

Sia's holiday album Everyday Us Christmas, comprised of original holiday-themed songs co-penned with Greg Kurstin, hits stores and streaming outlets Nov 17. Check the first single, the aptly named "Santa's Coming for Us," below.