Divine Council's Lord Linco went AWOL and popped up in Amsterdam.

He was apparently bitten by a vampiress as he was taking a stroll. You can see for yourself in footage captured and exclusively provided to us by director Miggy. We reached out to his team for more info and this is what they had to say:

"Rapper Lord Linco dies of suspected heart attack. Lord Linco was just minding his business until his soul was stolen from him by a vampiress and was given the ‘27 curse’. In order to get his soul back he would have to make it his mission to kill her and reverse the curse. Sadly, he would be taking his own life by doing this. Luckily, Linco’s soul rose from Nirvana and was transferred into a new being named Rosé Black; and it looks like he’s got some groovy new powers to come with this fresh outlook on life. Now, Lord Linco lives on through Rosé with "27" now being an angel watching over him instead of a curse; two meaning duality and wisdom, seven meaning God. Are angels and demons here on Earth with us? Can we really see them or is all of this just an illusion? All the answers are in front of us, but only electric eyes will prophesize these stranger things. Rest easy Linco, you’ll always be loved."

Check his Twitter and you can listen to the audio below.