Last week, production duo Star.One dropped the video for their massive new single "We Run The Show" with South London legends P Money and Asher D (also known as Ashley Walters). Asher D winds back the clock to his So Solid days, when the UKG crew conquered the charts, and P Money holds his own as the two spitters go back to back over the high-energy garage beat. With its snappy grime-meets-garage production and cameo-heavy video, this one's steeped in golden age vibes.

"The track is a throwback to the So Solid era but in a 2017 style," Star.One explained. "So we wanted to portray that with the video. We wanted something that represented the energy and essence of the early grime beginnings yet also make something quite epic and cinematic. Obviously, having Asher D on the track, we had to make sure that visually, the track could stand up to Top Boy. To be honest to do a video with a load of So Solid members is a straight gas-ment to our teenage selves."

The video was directed by Ray Fiasco and is available to watch above.