Shae Brock is a promising 21-year-old pop singer from Arizona who consistently proves her potential with every new release. Her last singles—“Into You” and “You”—are emotive songs about desire or longing for that special someone, but are conveyed through gorgeous visuals, centering the Los Angeles-based singer in scenarios near the beach (her favorite place) or other warm surroundings. Watching them will immediately make you feel happy. And although October typically means winter season, anyone of us would love to rewind it back to summer, living carefree without any worries.

Today, Complex is premiering the James Davis II-directed music video for “All Good,” in which Shae and Sailing Crew’s own Kodie Shane take Venice Beach. Shae and Kodie link up, hit the Venice Beach Boardwalk and ride bikes together, and head to a campfire by the ocean. Once again, we’re treated to another sunny visual, one that best fits Shae’s philosophy on her soaring hook: “It’s all good we can turn up the radio, it’s all good if it’s not, we can let it go/Riding around with the windows down, screaming it’s all good, it’s all good.”

You can watch the video above. Below, Shae and Kodie talk about touring together, collaborating on “All Good,” and their plans for the rest of the year.

You posted recently on Instagram that you were scheming on something with Kodie Shane. How long have you two known each other?
Shae Brock: We met in the beginning of the year, and we went on a tour together actually.
Kodie Shane: Shae came and opened up on the Zero Gravity Tour.

What was the experience like touring together?
Brock: It was super, super fantastic. We got to go all over the East Coast and played a bunch of different venues. The crowds were amazing. Kodie was phenomenal and I had a super fun time.
Shane: That tour was really dope. It was really fire. I sold out New York. It was good.

What it’s like working with Shae? How do you connect with her musically?
Shane: She’s really dope. We haven’t really gotten super into the studio together yet, but they sent over the record and I jumped on it. It was a cool record. When we did the video together, it was a cool chemistry.

Tell me about “All Good.”
Brock: “All Good” is about letting go and feeling good. The lyrics are, “It’s all good, we can turn up the radio.” To me, it’s something you turn on, driving with the windows down, hair blowing in the air. No care.

Where was the video shot?
Brock: Venice, California. And those of you who haven’t been to Venice Beach, it is a character in itself. It was super fun. Kodie was like all cool down the boardwalk. I had these crazy tall heels on that I couldn’t walk in. And they were like, "You have to ride a bike in these heels." I thought I was going to fall flat on my face. But we survived.

What did you like about the experience, Kodie?
Shane: Venice was pretty fire. I think that was my first time riding a bike in like a year. It was pretty cool; it was going crazy. It was towards the end of the tour when we shot that video.
Brock: The video was shot in March. We had some good summer air coming.

Shae, you were discovered by songwriter and producer Fred “Blaze” Crawford. When did that happen and what’s your relationship like with him now?
Brock: I met Blaze about five and a half years ago. We just really vibed. And ever since, we have been making music together. It’s great. [We have] good chemistry in the studio. Blaze is like a musical magician. He’s basically does it all, so it’s been really cool to watch him and learn from him.

What’s next for you two?
Shane: I’m working on my album right now. I’m finishing up the year with the Syd [Always Never Home] tour and the Jhené Aiko [Trip] tour. We going crazy November-December. I’m still dropping music until the end of the year [and will] drop my album early next year.
Brock: I’m dropping a few singles. I have this one with Kodie, and then following that the beginning of next year I have a single coming out with Gucci Mane. Pretty exciting collaborations in the works.

Gucci Mane is a legend. How does it feel to be working with someone like him?
Brock: I’ve always been a big fan of him, getting to work with him was pretty incredible. He’s a really cool guy, and the song I’m super excited about as well. It’s called “Transparency.”