Ahead of his 2018 album, People Forget, UK rhymer Chima Anya drops new single "Do Less" — extolling the virtues of taking the time out to live life in the slow lane. Chima — who released his hugely underrated project, The Doctor's Note, almost five years ago — combines a penchant for soulful and percussive instrumentation with his laid-back rhyming style. On "Do Less", Anya promotes the rejection of stress, and goes on to de-clutter a room in the visual.

The London-based rapper told Complex over email: "I was at a point where I was just doing too much. In the modern climate you've got to play so many roles that you have no interest in playing. Advertising is constantly reminding you of all the experiences you could be having and we just too greedy." In light of World Mental Health Day, only yesterday, it's a message well worth a listen. Peep the Karol Jurga-directed video above.