On Thursday, Piers Morgan wrote a column with the headline "Don't get angry about a bunch of white girls singing n***as, blame Kanye and the rap industry for putting it in their songs in the first place." The impetus for this particular column (which is not the first time he's mused on this topic, by the way) was a University of New Hampshire sorority video that showed a number of girls rapping along to West's "Gold Digger," chorus and all.

He also teased his write-up with this:

As you may have guessed due to the extremely specific headline, Morgan argued that those who were to blame for the controversial news making video were not the students in the footage, but instead West (as well as other rappers) who write lyrics with n-bombs in them. He then goes on to muse on this topic for *scrolls down* awhile. Lots of words. I guess that's to be expected from the Daily Mail.

Whether you view him as a troll or a provocateur (which is pretty much just the same thing with a different spin) Morgan's column sure did piss off a lot of Twitter users:

Very productive.