Staten Island is tired of being the “Forgotten Borough,” where the only things outsiders are familiar with is that it's where Wu-Tang Clan was founded. Staten Island rapper Squidnice is here to change that (he has a long way to go).

Squidnice’s increasing buzz on SoundCloud is not a fluke. He first gained attention when his lively track “Trap By My Lonely” stormed to popularity, quickly giving him a reputation for light, catchy hooks (“Sometimes I trap by my lonely/And sometimes I trap with my homies”). His sound, however, is developing as he goes, and he can often become something of a chameleon, tough to recognize from song to song. If Travis Scott can make that work, it may not be the biggest problem to face.

Before Squidnice can make that next step, though, he needs to define the direction he wants his music to go in. Regardless, he's well-positioned to join a New York rap scene in dire need of a strong middle ground in between Brooklyn’s street rap movement and the more traditional rap excelling on the other side of the spectrum. Look for Squidnice’s profile on SoundCloud and in New York to rise as he begins to collaborate more, including entering the ASAP Mob radar with a feature due on AWGE artist Smooky Margielaa’s debut.