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With 2017 boasting acclaimed albums from Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z, it could be said that this market isn't as singles-driven as many would like you to believe. Streaming money might be nice (for some), but that doesn't mean everyone should be dropping an album, especially if you let Waka Flocka tell it.

During a recent livestream, Flocka kept it 100 when it comes to his thoughts on DJs and producers releasing albums. "Is it me or, goddamn, when a DJ or a producer get famous, they wanna drop an album," Flocka asked. “Nigga, you’re not a rapper... you’re not an artist. Stick to your fucking profession, man. Fuck!”

As of now, there's no real indication regarding who Flocka could be talking about. There are a number of producer-turnt-artists that he could be referring to, from London on da Track and Mike Will Made-It to DJ Khaled and Metro Boomin. Flocka could also be referring to EDM DJs like Steve Aoki, although that might be a bit hairy because they've worked together in the past.

There's two ways of looking at these comments, though. On the one hand, everyone has a position to play; a rapper raps and is in front of the camera, while the producer makes the tracks that rappers go ham to. You can't have one without the other, but the producer's role has always been more behind-the-scenes. The thing is, if we're in an era where a producer like Mike Will or Metro are making these rappers hot, why not shine on your own shit?

Then again, Waka Flocka also said that Lil Uzi Vert shouldn't be considered hip-hop, so what do we know.