Hailing from Battersea, South West London, Louis Culture is a chameleon of an emcee with an inkling for the alternative. Subscribing to a more mellow, breezy version of UK hip-hop, he draws from influences as far reaching as rockers Pink Floyd and rapper MF DOOM to paint a picture of life in London for fun-loving teens.

After arriving with his debut song, "Don't F Up Louis", back in February, Louis follows it up today with a new anthem in "Culture For 17". On the track, Culture is fierce and direct, with gravitating multisyllabic flows and braggadocious rhymes underpinning a hard-hitting instrumental. Cranking the tempo up even further, rappers Lava La Crue and Lord Apex come through with ballistic guest verses that will leave you bamboozled.

"I recorded 'Culture For 17' late last year," Louis told Complex via email. "The song was inspired by Timbaland and So Solid Crew; Timbaland's production is always a source of inspiration, as is So Solid Crew, and the way they broke barriers in UK music that a lot of people hadn't seen at the time. And that is what I feel myself, Lava La Rue and Lord Apex all represent. 'Culture For 17' is the sound of change. It's the sound of believing in yourself." 

Listen to the track exclusively below.

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