Although it’s only noon when Malcolm Jamaal Davis arrives at El Cochinito—the Cuban restaurant where he is set to begin today’s photo shoot—he has already been up for hours and still has a long day ahead of him. Waking up to the sound of his son True crying moments before the sunrise, Davis put True in his bouncer and sat with him in the half light before grabbing a coffee and catching a car service to Silver Lake. Living well outside of L.A. proper, Davis—better known as MadeinTYO—will only hang within city limits for a few hours before flying to Chicago for Lollapalooza and then heading back to Los Angeles to perform at HARD Fest.

Between life as a new parent, a husband-to-be, and an emerging rap star in the midst of the summer festival circuit, Davis’s plate is more than full. “It's juggling back and forth to where when I'm not busy, I'm still busy,” he explains later. While the young MC’s life is anything but ordinary, it seems to suit him just fine.