Joey Badass put out an incredible album this year—All-Amerikkkan Badass is a vivid portrait of being black in Donald Trump's America, ably mixing thoughtful, nuanced raps with radio-ready anthems and posse cuts. The young artist is making good on years of hype, and he's just getting started.

But for today's episode of What Had Happened Was, Joey took us back to the days before the fame, when he was just a troublesome youth tagging Brooklyn's walls. This particular night, however, didn't end so well for Joey and his squad. An unmarked car took exception to their graffiti, and a footrace ensued. Two cops chased the group to a subway station, but escape still seemed imminent—until a fateful, unnecessary decision by Joey's friend changed everything.

Watch what happened above, check out the rest of our What Had Happened Was series here, and see our full Joey Badass interview below.