Wednesday night marked the beginning of the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Tour in Tucson, Arizona, but 2 Chainz had a bizarre surprise for his fans: he rolled onstage in a pink wheelchair. Turns out, the rapper broke his leg less than two weeks ago and even had surgery on it, but that apparently wasn't enough to make him to listen to his doctor's orders and rest. Not when he has four months of shows ahead of him.

While he somehow kept his accident a secret from his fans, 2 Chainz loves them enough that he was determined to make sure a broken leg wouldn't get in the way of his concerts. In a long Instagram post, Chainz explained that his doctor advised him to cancel his tour, but he refused: “Maybe it means God wants me to use my mind and be creative.” The solution was definitely creative: 2 Chainz was rolled onstage in a light pink wheelchair with the word “trap” painted on the back, and he performed the entire set with his leg hoisted up.

"If you look up resilient in the Webster dictionary it's gone be a picture of me rocking a fucking show in a pink wheelchair," he wrote. And honestly, it's hard to disagree with him. 

Let's be straight here: 2 Chainz is a real one for this. All artists say they love their fans and are dedicated to them, and while they do all probably mean it, it seems safe to say that it takes a real one to go out of their way to be on stage 10 days after having surgery on their leg. But the artist has shown his love in other ways, too—take, for example, the brilliant idea to turn his infamous pink trap house into an HIV testing center. 2 Chainz’s dedication to his fans is pretty goddamned inspirational. 

The Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Tour kicked off Wednesday in Arizona, and will continue until December. Considering how it started, you can bet nothing short of nuclear war will put a stop to it.