Louisville, Kentucky bred, L.A.-based artist Vory returns today with "Try," which you could describe as an emotional banger. The inspiration behind the song certainly plays into that narrative.

"The song is about a relationship gone bad with my ex," Vory says of his latest release. "We was in a secret relationship via long distance, her being in Kentucky and me being in L.A. chasing dreams. Long story short, she left me and got back with her ex and I went into a depression. This song means closure to me. Once I write about something it's like the closing point so I try to give everything I ever wanted to say in a song.

He also gave props to a few close collaborators who helped out on the song. "I worked with Roofeo and Karl and Resource on it—they're my brothers, I love them, they're so dope."

Check out "Try" below keep up with Vory's latest moves on Instagram and Twitter. His Lucky Me EP is coming soon.