With one tweet, Young Thug won the album title game in 2017. No, forreal, don't you remember this tweet from back in April?


— Young Thug ひ (@youngthug) April 27, 2017

Young Thug's "singing album" Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls beats 2 Chainz's Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album title by a hair, but at least we know a lot about 2 Chainz's album. When it comes to E.B.B.T.G., there's pockets of information we know, but for some reason Thug's giving us chunks of the plot without revealing much else. That's where we come in.

In the spirit of trying to figure out what the fuck is going on (or, at the very least, what Young Thug might have up his sleeve for this album), let's piece together the scraps of information we have on Young Thug's E.B.B.T.G. in hopes that we get an idea on what this opus, possibly career-defining release will be.

Release Date

Damn, right off the bat, we have no fucking clue when E.B.B.T.G is coming out. Back in April of 2017, when Thug announced that immaculate album title, he tweeted, "Singing album this week...," which lead many of us to believe it was dropping that week. Now it sounds like he was more on some "we're working on the album this week," because Thug's engineer Alex Tumay tweeted in May that they were "working non stop" getting the project completed. As of this writing, there's no word on a proper E.B.B.T.G. release date.


This is another sticky situation, primarily because there's no real confirmation on who Thug's working with. During the initial E.B.B.T.G. buzz, Thug previewed unreleased material with Rich Homie Quan, prompting many to assume their feud was squashed, but less than a week later, Quan said he and Thug aren't even speaking, so who knows. We could speculate on featured acts all day (will Justin Bieber and Diplo be on the project?).

In terms of producers, Tumay tweeted out a very enticing hint, especially if you're a fan of Thugger's old shit.

E B B T G going slattinum 😏🐍@youngthug @wheezy5th @LondonOnDaTrack

— alex tumay (@alextumay) June 1, 2017

For those who remember, Wheezy and London on da Track were all over 2015's Barter 6, as well as JEFFERY. One has to imagine that they have some heat on deck.


Currently, there's nothing confirmed in terms of song titles from E.B.B.T.G, although Young Thug has been loose with releasing snippets. There's a question on what or when this song with Rich Homie Quan is dropping (if it ever drops), but since then Thug's not only dropped a "country" song, but he dropped another clip via Instagram that takes on the full "singing" side of what this project should be.



A post shared by ""JEFFERY"" (@thuggerthugger1) on Jun 1, 2017 at 4:14am PDT


With a title like E.B.B.T.G., you're already expecting the best from Young Thug, but the key is one piece of intel we haven't really gotten into yet.

@Drake will be EP'n my singing album.

— Young Thug ひ (@youngthug) April 27, 2017

If Drake is going to be executive producing Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, one has to assume that Thugger's getting the Midas Touch. The question is, can the 6 God help Thug cultivate a "Hotline Bling"-level hit? Sure, Thug's had some notable hits in his career, but he hasn't achieved Drake status yet. Maybe whatever vibe Drake's rocking with can rub off on Thug for this project.

Or maybe Drake will play a reduced role. Either way, this is going to be a massive move for Thug, who seems to be getting better with each project. If he fully embraces the "singing" side, after already being one of the more melodic artists out there? E.B.B.T.G. should be one to watch.