There was never any doubt what would end up in the top slot. Jay Z's 2001 Summer Jam performance gave us two of the greatest moments in the concert's long history.

First, there was the now-famous Summer Jam screen. The relationship between Jay Z and Prodigy had been tense for some time leading up to the show, and some subliminal disses had passed back and forth. But Jay made the disagreement public on hip-hop's biggest stage. He played a new song called "Takeover." Hov took the second verse a cappella and recited a rhyme dissing P and Mobb Deep by name, while backing his words up with photographic evidence. 

"When I was pushing weight back in ’88," he rhymed, "you was a ballerina/I got the pictures, I seen ya." And then, madness. Jay showed a picture of Prodigy taken at his grandmother's dance studio. You can see it above.

After that, Hov dropped another bomb. At the end of his verse, he said, "Ask Nas—he don't want it with Hov." That half a bar launched another previously subterranean war into the public eye, and was the real beginning of arguably hip-hop's greatest beef. Listen to the whole performance below:

Now, what could Jay possibly do to top that? Only bring out the most popular entertainer of all time. After performing "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)," which samples the Jackson Five, Jay exclaimed, "I know Michael Jackson better come from behind that muthafuckin' curtain."

Sure enough, he went backstage and came back with the King of Pop, who gave the crowd a pose and a simple, "I love you all." But that was all that was needed to cement that night as the greatest in Summer Jam history.