It’s been nearly two months since Fresh Empire launched The New Wave competition, hosted by Sway. The contest started out with six tobacco-free rappers, who are some of the most skillful up-and-coming artists in the game. All six of them have been competing for the chance to win an exclusive feature in Complex as well as to rock the stage at exclusive Fresh Empire events across the country.

Now, as the competition nears its conclusion, only TWO rappers remain, Lil Key and Nasaan. These two got the most votes and met the most challenges in every round, so they’ve definitely proven they’ve got what it takes to claim The New Wave title!

But in the end, there can only be one winner—which you, the viewers, will choose. For the final leg of the competition, Fresh Empire is stripping away all the rules and demands of the earlier rounds. No twists, no tricks—just a rapper, a mic, and a very hype audience. This is hip-hop at its purest!

You can watch both rappers’ epic final performance by visiting Fresh Empire’s website now. Once you’ve made your decision, be sure to cast your online ballot to help decide which of these two amazing artists is going to get a truly life changing opportunity.

Stay tuned, because on June 28, the results will drop to announce who the big winner of The New Wave hip-hop competition is. And as we bid the contest goodbye, let’s also take a second to give some big props to Fresh Empire for hosting the competition, and for promoting a lifestyle that’s creative, fresh, and always tobacco-free.