Cam’ron dropped a track from his upcoming mixtape, The Program, Thursday. The song had a familiar sound—it was a remix to Vanessa Carlton’s 2001 hit, “A Thousand Miles,” with that legendary piano sound in the background of the beat.

Cam’ron’s version, titled “10,000 Miles,” has received some serious praise: Carlton said she digs the track.

"I thought wow, this totally works!” Carlton told The FADER. “‘A Thousand Miles’ is hard to sample. People would usually only use the piano interlude part but he uses the verse and chorus piano sections too. That's one of the reasons it works so well. Also it's a dark tale. And that juxtaposition with the seemingly light and pretty piano thing totally works.”

The track has had a long shelf life, thanks in part to the 2004 movie White Chicks, the Wayans brothers film that yielded this iconic scene.

Carlton framed the context of “A Thousand Miles” in her career.

"I mean this song is its own thing now," Carlton added. "It has its own career. To have a song that has a role in hip-hop is awesome. I feel welcome. I'm serious though, ‘A Thousand Miles’ needs its own manager and agent. I have moved on and am able to explore different sounds and collaborations. I just sort of respect what happened with this song and let it be its own thing."

She may have moved on, but the rest of us have not. May “A Thousand Miles” live forever.

The Program will be released in May.

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