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John Legend tends to use his Twitter account to promote a variety of progressive causes and speak out against President Donald Trump. A recent "hack" by another user took his Anti-Trump speech to an extreme, however, and forced the singer to denounce some violent rhetoric spewed from his account. 

Things started innocently enough. Legend himself tweeted out a couple disparaging messages aimed at Trump on Friday evening, calling Trump a liar and denouncing recent fake crises the administration promoted:

Legend then became aware of an unauthorized user gaining control of his account, and sent out a warning to his nearly nine million followers:

What transpired after that was a series of off-color tweets, ranging from sexual desire for Hillary Clinton to drug use and violence against Trump. Legend was eventually able to get control of the matter and delete them, but the NSFW screenshots live forever:

john legend twitter hack

The big mistake made by the hacker (aside from the obvious) was revealing his username while clowning on Legend's account. That's a one-way ticket to getting banned, and Twitter suspended user @Owen755 following the hack. Legend, however, seemed to think the whole thing was comical.

Not everyone was so sympathetic or appeared to believe in the hack. Even Legend's wife expressed doubt at first!

Once the dust settled, the real Legend (or is it?!) chimed in to tell his followers he might not like the president, but that he'd never go as far as to threaten him:

We expect Legend will take a few extra security measures to keep his account in the right hands moving forward.