Master P has never been a guy to hold back his thoughts, and that of course didn't change during his recent stop by The Breakfast Club. During the extensive interview, P talked to the crew about his time in the music industry, plans for the future, advice for young artists, and much more. While specifically talking about young artists, P revealed that he talked to Kodak Black recently and is interested in helping him out going forward. "I feel like Kodak Black is underrated, he's probably going to be one of the next big superstars," P said.


That's high praise coming from a legend like Master P and he conceded that he likes working with younger artists because it takes him back to when he was coming up in the game. It's unclear exactly what Master P and Kodak Black have in store going forward, but the young artist has been embroiled in controversy of late. While currently out of jail on $100,000 bond, Kodak recently broadcasted his entourage having sex with a woman on his Instagram Live. Before that, Kodak himself was on the The Breakfast Club, and gave a bizarre interview where he wore a ski mask and took more shots at Lil Wayne.

There's no question that Kodak is a popular rapper and has a huge fan base, but the outside distractions are starting to build up. It will be interesting to see if Master P can help with that.

You can watch P's full interview above.