Justin Bieber did not attend Sunday's Grammy Awards ceremony. The Weeknd, however, did drop in for a performance with Daft Punk. Those two facts are not related. But Bieber did offer a kind and generous shout-out to The Weeknd's hit "Starboy" single Sunday night, telling fans the track was his favorite song at the moment:

What's with that sinister laugh though? 

According to TMZ, Bieber's apparent Weeknd mockery was delivered Sunday night. This particular Sunday night would indeed be the exact same Sunday night The Weeknd and Selena Gomez spent at Rihanna's post-Grammy party at 1 Oak on Sunset, just as an FYI:

Previously, Bieber told TMZ he couldn't listen to a song by The Weeknd due to what he characterized as wackness:

Citing alleged "Bieber sources" last month, these same highly regarded purveyors of reportage claimed the Purpose artist considered Gomez an "opportunist." Bieber, according to these sources, feels "he's been there" and is convinced Gomez is using The Weeknd purely for promotion. Additionally, Bieber reportedly considers all of this alleged relationshipping between Gomez and The Weeknd mere "cookie-cutter stuff."

So wait. You're telling me "Starboy" likely isn't actually Justin Bieber's favorite song of the moment? Bieber doesn't fuck with this iconic trio?

Your loss, Bieber.