There's no question that WorldStarHipHop has had a major impact on our culture, and its influence recently expanded via television with World Star TV on MTV2. The show is hosted by comedian Chris Powell, a.k.a. CP, and features hilarious viral clips with even funnier commentary. On top of that, each episode will include a special guest, and this week's is none other than DJ Khaled.

In a preview clip, Khaled and CP watch as a girl struggles to get her Daisy Duke shorts on. Khaled commiserates with her by explaining he dealt with the same issue just that morning. And like any Khaled explanation, he drops some truth and inspiration that viewers should heed. "The key is never give up. You have to commend her for accomplishing the goal."

Here's another preview clip from tonight's episode:

Be sure to catch tonight's episode with DJ Khaled on MTV2 at 11 p.m. ET. You can watch the debut episode right here and a clip from it below featuring legendary rapper Snoop Dogg.