Honoring veterans at sporting events has become symbiotic with American sports. It doesn't matter whether you're watching hockey, baseball, basketball or football, you're likely to see your local sports team honor a "hometown hero" for his or her service at some point during the game. At last Sunday's Falcons-Packers NFC Championship game, Atlanta tried to do just that.

According to this video acquired by TMZ, there was a bit of a snag in the festivities. Charles Harris, a long-time Army vet stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia, ran into an unforeseen dispute over his seats. While this isn't totally uncommon at a major event—lots of people try to sneak into better seats if there appear to be vacancies—the group that came calling for his included Gucci Mane and his fiancée, Keyshia Ka'Oir.

Harris claims Ka'Oir was adamant that the vet's seat belonged to their group, accusing Harris and his party of stealing the famous duo's seats. He told TMZ an attendant at the Georgia Dome sided with Gucci's group almost immediately, forcing the vet to disperse. It took Harris seeking out security and finding a supervisor to get the situation resolved, and by the time he was able to (rightfully) return to his seats, he says he missed a lot of the first half.

To add injury to insult, Harris told TMZ he was at the game with his mother who had previously undergone hip surgery. "The messed up part about it is," Harris said, "my mom had hip surgery, so while she was sitting there, after she came up and said, 'These are our seats,' I was trying to help my mom up. She was just standing there like, 'Y'all need to hurry up and move.'"

Pushing a veteran and his older mother out of their seats doesn't exactly paint Gucci and Ka'Oir in the best light. There are two sides to every story, but unless the rapper and his future wifey decide to share their half of the tale, they come out of this one looking pretty tone-deaf.