In 2016, celebrity couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continued to make headlines, but two of the bigger stories had more to do with their lives away from the cameras. Kardashian was reportedly robbed in Paris in October, causing her to limit public appearances, among other things. A few months later, West abruptly shut down a show in Sacramento after making some less than stellar remarks about Beyonce and Top 40 radio. The following weeks saw the pair making limited public appearances, as West was reportedly hospitalized before re-emerging in a meeting with President Donald Trump. After additional rumors of an overhaul to Kardashian’s security detail, she and West were spotted with their daughter, North, Friday.


“The West crew made a stealth entrance at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center ... slinking into their seats just before the curtain opened for the [Christmas] classic, The Nutcracker,” reported TMZ. The site also furnished a picture of Kim, North, and Kanye. 

The trio was reported to have attended the event without any visible security team in place and Kardashian sporting a paired down look devoid of any jewelry or makeup.

Kardashian is usually extremely active on Instagram, but her feed currently does not show any pictures less than 12 weeks old.  That timeline coincides with the Paris robbery. Given their level of fame, rumors about the mental and physical safety of Kim and Kanye are likely to continue until the family officially comments on the robbery and West’s reported hospitalization. Various reports have both events being referenced in upcoming episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians.