Big Boi has finally cleared up Gucci Mane's previous comment about doing a record for OutKast.

In a new interview with Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, Big Boi explained that Gucci's comment might have come from Gucci having worked with him for his new solo album. "Gucci is on this album, most definitely," he revealed. "He was just excited because the song was jammin' like a motherfucker."

If you remember, Gucci got everyone's hopes up that a new OutKast project was on the way when he excitedly told his fans on SnapChat what he was working on. "I just did a record for OutKast," he said. The whole situation became even more confusing when a rep for André 3000 denied rumors of new music and told Fader that there was "no Outkast news to report."

Now we know that Gucci will definitely be appearing on Big Boi's new solo album. The rapper and producer also said that he expects the project to be complete by the beginning of next year, but he wouldn't reveal who else might be on it. "I just want it all to be a surprise. I'm so ready for this record to come out, I'm about 80-percent done," he confirmed. "It's gonna be one of those records that people love top to bottom."

You also shouldn't skip any opportunity to see Big Boi DJing because he said that he is "
"definitely going to" test out new material at gigs. "It's something I’ve been doing since I've been DJing and we have the Dungeon Family DJs. I've been testing out certain songs."

You can read Big Boi's full interview where he talks about the new project, what we can expect from the music, and his family's reaction to his new songs here.