The internet is going in on Waka Flocka, and understandably so.

On Tuesday, the Atlanta rapper went to Twitter with a post about the country’s first black president, who, according to Waka, isn’t Barack Obama.  

Yeah, we’re scratching our heads too. Apparently, Waka isn’t convinced Obama “counts” as our nation’s first black commander in chief. Though he failed to immediately explain his position, he followed the statement with another tweet that simply read: “Just research we can argue later.”

Research what, exactly?

Criticism of Obama isn’t anything new, even in the hip-hop world; however, most of the critiques are regarding his policies and effectiveness as a leader, not about this nonsense. Is Obama black? Duh. Is he our president? Obviously. Is he our first black president? According to history books written after 2008, he sure is.

Shortly after Waka’s attack on Obama’s blackness, Twitter clap backed, leaving the rapper’s Twitter mentions in flames.

The roast session might've been too much for Waka, as he later attempted to explain his comments with an equally confusing Twitter post.

So Obama doesn't count as the first black president because the country didn't fully support him? Nice try, Waka. Just take the L and keep moving.