While out for a motorcycle ride Friday afternoon, a group of New Jersey veterans came across a fellow biker who had been stranded on the side of the road. As the guys approached the man to lend their assistance, they realized who the motorcyclist was: Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen. We know, just the thought of this scenario is almost too perfect to handle.

According to Billboard, the 67-year-old singer/songwriter found himself in trouble after his bike broke down during an outing on Veterans Day. Thankfully, members of the Freehold American Legion had just left a Veterans Day ceremony and were making their way back to Freehold, New Jersey, where Springsteen famously resides. Veterans Dan Barkalow, Bob Grigs, Donald Clayton, and Ryan Baily heard the musician calling out for help; and once they realized who it was, they allowed Springsteen to hop on the back of one of their bikes and headed to a restaurant so he could wait for a ride.

After the men arrived at the establishment, they reportedly sat down and discussed motorcycles and his “old Freehold days” over a few drinks. Barklow described Springsteen as down to earth, and said he was a “regular guy who fit right in with his fellow, not so famous, Freehold boys.”

As a thank-you, Springsteen gave the men $100 for the drinks and insisted they keep the change. He also posed for a few pictures and took their phone numbers before saying goodbye.

It’s pretty fitting that Springsteen was rescued by veterans. Throughout his career, the politically outspoken singer has shown his support for the country’s servicemen and women by performing at Veterans Day celebrations and veterans benefit concerts, as well as dedicating songs to those who have served.

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