THEY., the R&B duo that is quickly taking over L.A., flipped Nirvana’s track "Polly" to pay tribute to one of their largest musical influences for their latest heater, "Rather Die."

"I'd rather die/Than wonder why I never tried/I wanna dive into the fire/Done waiting to feel like I'm alive," croons the molten hook. The spirit of Nirvana, a group who were notorious for pushing bounds of what was expected, is palpable on the deep-seated riff that fuels the mood-ridden track.

"I've always felt that it's important for an artist to pay tribute to what first inspired you," the duo told Fader. "We were vibing out on guitar and started playing 'Polly/' Its just one of those riffs that hits you from the first moment you hear it. Before we knew it, we have our own song to it. All the business people begged us to change it, but we couldn't bring ourselves to change it. We did what was best for the song and our fans just let it be what it was intended to be: two guys vibing to one of their favorite riffs of all time."

The result is a guttural trip of nostalgia that sits perfectly into THEY.'s brand of mind-numbing R&B complete with a beat switch fated to turn you up. Listen to "Rather Die" below and check out our feature on the duo that spotlights how THEY. are taking over L.A. here. Do not miss THEY. when they take the Pigeons & Plane stage at the inaugural ComplexCon going down in Long Beach, Calif. Nov. 5-6 by copping your tickets right here.

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