Last night, Lady Gaga took to the SNL stage for her fourth time as a musical guest—might want to get that five-timers robe ready Lorne—and delivered a powerful one-two punch from her latest album Joanne. Gaga is always a delight whenever she makes her way to the SNL stage, and proved so in the days leading up to her appearance when she got into a bit of a tug of war with host Tom Hanks about who the real Glam Rock icon was.

Beginning earlier in the evening, Gaga decided to strike a more low-key note than we've seen from her in past SNL's appearances. Sitting behind a piano and with only an acoustic guitar player to accompany her, the singer performed a beautiful rendition of her latest single "Million Reasons" while seated behind a piano. When the track finished, she climbed to the top of the piano, sat down, and nearly recreated the pose seen on the cover of her new album.

For her second number "A-Yo," she kicked things up to a whole new level. Beginning while standing on what looks like a floating platform, Gaga slipped back into her glam rock roots in an set that looked like something borrowed from the guys at Daft Punk. Standing next to her was super-producer Mark Ronson—responsible for last summer's biggest hit "Uptown Funk," who also worked on her most recent record—chopping away at the song's funky rhythm. Midway through, Gaga joined him for her own six-string wizardry, courtesy of a bright pink Gretsch electric guitar. 

Watch both performances in the videos above.