It looks like Zane Lowe has something big in the works with Frank Ocean. As Fader points out, Lowe revealed in a recent interview with London's Evening Standard magazine that he flew all the way to Tokyo earlier this month for an interview with the singer.

According to Lowe, he managed to hop on FaceTime and convince the normally reclusive artist to sit down for an interview with him, but in order to do the interview, he had to fly all the way to Japan without having a clear plan in place. "Frank and I have known each other for a few years. So he trusts me enough to get on FaceTime," Lowe said. "But if [the interview] doesn’t work and it’s not coming together, there’s that moment where you have to ask yourself: 'How badly do you want to deliver this for Frank, and for the audience? And is this going to be the best way to do both?'"

Apparently, Lowe decided that the trip was worth it to get access to such a press-shy artist. “Deciding within a few hours to jump on a plane for Tokyo to interview Frank Ocean, and getting the go-ahead from him by text— 'Yeah, do it, get on a plane'— and that’s all we have," Lowe said. "We don’t have a time, we don’t have a location and there’s a freedom in that which makes it incredibly exciting to be working in this modern framework."

There's no word on when the interview will air, but from the sound of things, it is on the way at some point. Lowe's Twitter shows that he was in Tokyo on Sept. 9, so hopefully that means we'll all get to see and hear the interview soon. Will Frank talk about the recording process of Blonde? His falling out with Def Jam? We'll just have to wait and see.