Pharrell and Scott Vener’s OTHERtone usually features musical guests, but this Sunday’s episode will be both constructive and informative for fans as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and David Blaine will appear together.

Vener teased the episode as one you’ll need to listen to more than once.

Before the entire show airs at 12 p.m. PT/ 3 p.m. ET, you can watch several previews on Othertone’s Connect page in Apple Music. One of the previews is a disturbing, yet fascinating breakdown of how Blaine does his ice pick trick. Although people have tried to explain it in YouTube clips in the past, here Blaine does a step-by-step guide with Tyson, Blaine, Vener, and French photographer JR grimacing as he does it.

Tyson has the honor of pulling the ice pick out of Blaine’s hand, which incredibly shows that the trick didn’t draw blood. The astrophysicist and go-to science explainer than provides several reasons why our minds are programmed to accept this illusion as something real. Vener wasn’t lying when he said listeners needed to hear this episode several times.

In another clip, Tyson blows Pharrell’s mind by describing how time is measured in the solar system, as well as our everyday lives.

Pharrell: So how do you keep time outside of the solar system?
Neil: Depends. Time changes…Now we use atomic clocks, based on atoms.
Pharrell: So atomic clock is really based on atoms? MIND EXPLOSION.
Neil: So when you guys go to Mars, use a Mars clock.
Pharrell: Wow. You just blew my mind.
Neil: What that atomic time is kept by atomic clocks? We should stop the convo here cause that’s only the beginning..We need a cosmic safe space.
Scott: Why does it blow your mind?
Pharrell: It’s like, fuck your sun. We measure with molecules.
Neil: Our sun had a good run. It’s burning out. It will vaporize in a puff of smoke. Have a nice day.
Scott: That sounds like David’s next trick.

This conversation is probably the reason why Tyson tweeted this about the sun a few weeks ago. Have a nice day, indeed.

Watch more clips below, and be sure to tune into the episode on Sept. 18.