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A$AP Rocky isn’t your typical rapper. He tends to collaborate with unlikely names, and this song is no different as he drops in with a few verses on UK producer Mura Masa’s “Love$ick.”

The original “Love$ick” has been out for a while now, but the Harlem rapper decided to put his spin on the electronic number. Rocky gives it some bounce, delivering some swag raps and romantic lines about being hopelessly in love. “And now we industry lovers, they makin’ enemies of us/I mean sometimes when we in public, they drainin' the synergy from us.” Perhaps that’s a nod to Rocky’s rumored relationship Kendall Jenner. Can the paparazzi just leave Rocky and Kendall alone?

When you start to see new Rocky verses pop up, it can only mean that he’s back in the studio working on music. Recently, producer Jim Jonsin shared some posts of him in the studio with Rocky, adding that even Lenny Kravtiz joined in on a session. Who knows when we’ll hear material from Rocky’s third studio album, it could be a while. Fans will just have to be patient and bump A.L.L.A. until then.

Watch the video for "Love$ick" below.