There’s something you need to understand about Kanye West. He may seem cheeky and tossed-off, skipping around the land mines of stardom. Don’t be fooled. He thinks long and hard about exactly what he wants to say. When Complex spoke to Kanye a week before he previewed his second album, Late Registration, for a select group of New York City journalists, he paused reflectively after each question and carefully articulated his thoughts while trying to dodge the publicity traps he’s found himself ensnared in for much of his career. Still, he’s got Grammys in his closet, John Legend and Common’s platinum records burning up iPods everywhere and the eye of every fashionista this side of Milan Malpensa Airport. Now, with the arrival of Late Registration, a truly engaging and risky record full of tuned-up trombones, xylophones, and orchestral squalls provided by co-producer Jon Brion, all we can say is Kanyeeze, you did it again. You a genius!