After some time out of the spotlight, Isaiah Rashad has returned to the forefront with his debut album The Sun's Tirade—the most recent of TDE's 2016 takeover.

Like all of the label's artists, Isaiah's work was heavily awaited after what amounts to a year and a half gap between his debut project Cilvia Demo. As we now know, part of that time was occupied by an ongoing battling with substance abuse issues, that almost resulted in him losing his dealBut from our sit down with him, it's clear that he has come out on the other side as a better man, with a heightened sense of self.

During our discussion he spoke of his personal evolution and pursuit of something beyond secular rewards, and how that has influenced his outlook on life—as well as his music. He also expressed that despite the success of his first release, he doesn't feel anchored to his prior opinions or musings. Instead, he's chosen to focus more on finding truths in his present, and believes heavily in looking forward. 

With that in mind, he also offered his take on hip hop's younger generation knowing and engaging with the genre's history, as well as our current political landscape and the true workings of our election process. 

Watch the interview above, and make sure to check out his debut album The Sun's Tirade.