The last time we saw notorious New York Rangers fan Will Roush, he was blowing money on a roof, but the viral sensation returns today to warn everyone he knows about the dangers of a "Fitch."

In case you're wondering, a fitch is the next level from the worst girl you have ever met and should be avoided at all costs and Roush lays out all the reasons why in his new Sean Jxhnsxn-directed video. The whole thing opens up like all good rap videos with Roush welcoming us to his home on the hood of a couple cars in the driveway while a party is going down in back. Before long, he takes us back there where to witness a ton of girls in reflective sunglasses and guys are getting drunk and playing ball as a drone flies above to capture everything going down. His old friend and former video co-star NBA Player Mason Plumlee of the Portland Trail Blazers even stops by to make a cameo, which makes sense considering his heavy involvement in the previous visual where the pair shot money guns on New York City rooftops.

As Roush told us over email, the song is a cautionary tale. "At some point in life everyone encounters a fitch, I hope this song makes people laugh and at the same time reminds them to watch out for the fitches. Awareness is key."

Watch the exclusive premiere of the hilarious video below and take note of all the fitch warning signs.