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Be careful who you drop a diss track to because you never know when you might bump into them in real life and how they might react. A few months back a rapper named Reese LaFlare unleashed a record titled "180secs" in an attempt to tear down Lil Uzi Vert. Recently, Uzi caught up with LaFlare at the Day N Night Music Festival around Irvine, Calif., and, well, this happened:

Uzi is noticeably pissed and tries to get at LaFlare, but is held back by security. When he breaks free, he tries running back around, but is met by another wall of people who prevent the two men from coming to blows. It's not the best look for Uzi, who spouts off an array of homophobic slurs at LaFlare before finally walking away.

Then again, if someone is claiming that you stole their whole persona in order to get ahead like LaFlare does on "180secs" - "You took my shit and you cloned it, yeah / I need that back cause I own it, yeah" - you'd be hot too.

You can listen to this diss track that sparked the altercation below.