On a new episode of the Rap Radar Podcast, Memphis Bleek appeared with Manolo Rose and Casanova to discuss his label’s new deal with Roc Nation and dropped a few gems about how Fat Joe got Jay Z on the remix to “All the Way Up.”

While N.O.R.E. has gotten credit for bringing Joey Crack and Hov together, Bleek also had a hand in making the collaboration possible. In the video above, he talks about a phone call he had with N.O.R.E. “'You sure Fat Joe want my number—me—out of everybody?' He like, ‘Yeah,’” he says, explaining Fat Joe wanted to make sure Hov knew there was no bad blood between them anymore. Roc-A-Fella and Terror Squad had a long history of beef, including one incident involving Big Pun, who allegedly struck Hov with a liquor bottle during an argument.

With the past behind them, Fat Joe wanted to do something that would unify New York City. “'Yo, you think Jay will do the remix to that joint?'” he recalls. Rather than answer that question for Hov, he called Jay right after getting off the phone with Fat Joe. “He wants you to do the remix to ‘All the Way Up.’ And that nigga Jay was like, ‘I ain’t gon’ front. That shit is fire. I got a verse for that. I’ma call you back in 10 minutes. Send me his number.’”

Bleek revealed Hov called him back with his verse ready to go, rapping it to him over the phone. (“Now this brought me back to 1995. You spittin’ rhymes to me on the phone? This is all the way jewels.") The line “Crack hit Bleek on the jack like let’s make it happen” was put in the verse because of Bleek's behind-the-scene moves that ultimately made hip-hop history.

Bleek also announced his Warehouse Music Group label has partnered with Roc Nation. As a newly minted label CEO, Bleek signed Manolo Rose and Casanova after putting them on to Hov. “It’s chapter two,” Bleek says of the name’s origins. “You can’t keep rewriting the same book. That book is finished already. Roc-A-Fella’s. They on their chapter two with Roc Nation. This is my chapter two with Warehouse.”

Y'all better thank @memphisbleek for this Remix. He played connect the dots so well on this one!!!

— Young Guru (@Young_Guru) May 25, 2016

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