Toronto’s music scene has held onto the global spotlight for over a year now. The city boasts a trio of superstars in Drake, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber, all of whom are responsible for sustaining Toronto's new image. These three artists are coexisting at the height of their careers, and their dominance of the charts has pushed the six to brave new heights. Naturally, the main artists benefiting from this stimulus package, exist and operate within the downtown core.

Brampton is a thirty minute drive outside of Toronto. The sprawling suburb is culturally diverse and home to over 500,000 residents. Some of these Bramptonians have recently risen to success and are now contributing to the Toronto sound. Historically an afterthought, the town is now getting its long overdue recognition, thanks to natives like Roy Woods, Tory Lanez, Alessia Cara, as well as super producers WondaGurl and Eestbound.

Finally, Brampton can now be proud of something more than having the best pizza in the GTA (shouts out Mackay Pizza though). Here are the five most exciting artists, coming out of Brampton, Ontario.