Rising Ohio artist Tae Fresh returns today with the debut of his brand new projectChances, which includes a feature from Koysoul and production from NateCBeats, ArtSake, and more. Throughout the project, Tae showcases a blend of rapping and singing that he perfectly matches with very personal lyrics and extremely catchy flows. And though Tae has released a few mixtapes already in his career, Chances is the perfect opportunity for the Columbus native to really break out and take the next step in the rap game. "This is my most important project to date, but this is just a glimpse of what I have in store though," Tae explained to Complex. "I feel like I'm just getting started, and have something new to offer to the music culture as far as Sound & content & Perspective."

With minimal features, the project is a real showcase of Tae's immense skills, especially on the booming tracks "Run It Up" and "A Lot," which he's already released videos for. "I'm willing to risks everything I have, for something I want. After you lose everything, your almost willing do anything to get it back," Tae said. "It's called rolling the dice. Sometimes you win sometime you lose. If your not willing to take a chance, for what you want in life, then maybe you don't want it enough. Meaning your not willing to live, learn, and grow." While Chances is available to stream in full below, Tae is also making the project available to purchase on iTunes this upcoming Friday. You can currently pre-order the project here