German twosome Florian and Nils, aka Kruse & Nuernberg, are making a return to solid gold dance label Exploited and they've got a brand new EP to show for it. The Next Chapter sees the duo switching up their sound somewhat, letting the house influence take a back seat while they bring in a more soulful, melodic vibe to the techno-based recipe. Despite the change in focus, there's still a deep groove at the heart of this, particularly on the title track (below), all swept along with powerful rushes of low end and an absurdly snappy beat.

Florian told Complex via email: "We changed our sound quite a bit over the past year that's why we call this release The Next Chapter. The tracks are best described as sexy, melodic techno with a lot of drive." It's their second release for the label, but given the label's propensity for bringing the best out of their artists, we can only hope it's not the last.