While the wait continues on and on and on for Jay Electronica's follow up album to 2007's Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) the rapper took to Twitter to tease a brand new collaboration with Chicago's own Chance The Rapper. "Peace To Chance The Rapper," Electronica tweeted. "We about to surprise attack y'all. well i guess it aint a surprise no more. But it's still an attack! lol."

It's unknown at this time how Chance and Jay plan to surprise attack the world. With a song? An album? A mixtape? It could literally be anything. The only clarification he offered was a timetable: "Soon." But then, in typical Jay Electronica fashion, he tweeted at Chance and said, "no matter who calls or writes or asks... don't push the button because of the pressure. let's tweak it to perfection."