Black Thought still raps, guys, in case you forgot. I tried to give Drake's VIEWS a real chance here, but your fave didn't deliver a shell-shocking verse. Instead, what we got was a solid album that didn't quite live up to expectations. The Roots frontman released "Making a Murderer" featuring Styles P and produced by 9th Wonder at the beginning of April and no rapper has been able to top it.

The game is grateful for Tariq Trotter's willingness to take a break from entertaining us on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to melt our brains with this verse. He's underrated by most, revered by some, when it should be the other way around. Black Thought's legendary status is not up for debate today and will never be. We gather here today to bask in his light, in his brilliance, in his maniacal wordplay.

One would have to listen to this track about 15 times before being able to catch every line. He spits a two and a half minute stream of consciousness that'll make you question the laws of physics. How can a man float in stereo? Black Thought is an expert in that regard. He has levitated on many tracks before this one, and will continue until he decides to never write a rhyme again. Someone tell these young punks to get their weight up (except Kendrick.)

"Outer space the place that I’m parkin’ in
My marketin’, when you see the sky darkenin'
Rhyme artisan from the crew that's bipartisan
Hi, haters, a fifth grader you're not smarter than
Alpha & Omega you betas I march harder than
Batteries, y'all ain't included, you're not a part of it
I just took a flight to France to cop cardigans
At Lanvin
I'm that primetime Buju Banton
And I'm just trying to get it on 'til I die
Am I wrong if I'm living like the laws don't apply?
Making music out of nothing, know that boy's bonafide
It's disturbing when a murderer enjoys homicide
Talented Mr. Trotter squad, beyond qualified
Multiplying the dollar sign, the grind is real it's Palestine
My sidekick came from Columbine
That fly shit came from Saint Laurent
Surprise, bitch!
I never lived a false moment in time
Riddle me, what kind of omen am I? You know the slogan is right
I said a weapon should be chosen to fire
Only the ghetto Beethoven replied, the 9th Wonder maker
Thunder breaker send these toys to the undertaker
My pen smoking like a rude boy from Jamaica
While I'm erasing every fuckboy from the face of the Earth
What's up, boys? It's time for you to get your weight up
Yo, I probably began in the Rift Valley
In places untraceable by Rand McNally
Took a cobblestone trolley through a Mercer Street alley
The more championship rings than John Salley
Biochemically on par with Salvador Dali
I traveled to Tijuana and smack the federali
Who packing avocado toast like Mario Batali
I'm an ocean without a coast, going back to Cali, nigga
Name some other body who equally as ill
Frequently I see the drama call me Cecil B. Demille
Not a chink up in the armor though I'm lethally for real
People been telling me recently, "Tariq, you need to chill!"
Well picture that, the diplomat pistol slap aristocrats
Any rapper coming for me, Imma send a missile back
Not too many legends got a legacy that's this intact
That equipment I'm grippin kept where the ammunition at
Soul Makossa like I'm Manu Dibango
Wild as the Democratic Republic of the Congo
I'm Hunter S. Thompson doing it gonzo
A rapper winds up as a John Doe, I told niggas
Sixty seconds to shine before I fold niggas
I must be out of my mind with it, gold diggers
Here come the general for the quadricentennial
I'm a non-millenial what I rep is the old niggas" —Black Thought

"It's disturbing when a murderer enjoys homicide."

Yes, yes, it is. Now, can we get that solo album, Tariq? Please.