Earlier this week, A$AP Rocky shared a Snapchat of his good friend Tyler, the Creator rapping over the beat for Kanye West's "Freestyle 4." Now, the full clip is here and it's even better than the preview as Tyler absolutely snaps over the track. If you weren't aware, Tyler really loves the Kanye track and has been seen fucking with it everywhere from his car to the club. Tyler has a deep respect for Kanye and recently trolled everyone by shooting an unauthorized picture of the rapper for Rolling Stone. Of course, he had a very good reason for trolling the famed magazine which he references in the song. "Rolling Stone never gave me a cover so, umm, so I shot one." Tyler also raps about his love of go-karts, Liam Neeson​, Star Wars, and cars. "Dick heads I'mma go nuts/Niggas told me to grow up/So I'm going to chew into a V10/I'm in a vacant lot doing donuts."

Tyler captioned the video "BOREDOM" but we doubt any minute with these dudes in the studio could ever be less than a ton of fun. Recently, Rocky hung out on Tyler's GOLF radio show where he completely nailed an impression of the Odd Future rapper. This studio session definitely tops it. Watch them all let loose in the studio in the video recorded by Mikey Alfred above.