Ta'Eastone of the rappers that we told you to watch out for in 2016—took a break from working on his upcoming Okay, I'm Ready EP today to tackle Kanye West's "30 Hours" beat for his new song, "Ten Thousand Hours." While East already has a co-sign from Virgil Abloh, he's ready to bust out on his own and show the rest of the game that he has what it takes to cross over from up-and-coming MC to a bona fide player. Ta'East's skills have never been more on display than on "Ten Thousand Hours," as he raps with a hunger and purpose that you can hear bleed through his very personal lyrics. As far as why he picked this particular beat, Ta'East told Complex, "The vibe, seemed like something to ride out to and reflect on."

On the song, East spits about his organic rise in rap and how he's already having dreams about his future Grammy speech. From the confidence to the lyrical assault throughout, East proved once again that he's not the one to sleep on and at the same time increased the already high hype for the upcoming EP. Stream the song in full below and be on the lookout for the new project later this year.